Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Firm is complimented by its Vision and guided by our Values, as elaborated below


To provide quality professional services and business solutions commensurate with international standards, facilitating continuous progress and success of our clients and our staff.

To gain strength through leadership in the Audit and Tax Advisory Entities and have a strong presence in the relevant areas, while retaining the options to diversify in other profitable venture.

To operate ethically while maximizing profits and satisfying clients’ needs and stake holder's interests and to assist in the socio-economic development of Pakistan, especially in thrusting a boost to the qualified chartered accountants.


To become one of the leading firms providing professional services in Pakistan, with nationaland international recognition with best of its expertise, multi-disciplinary services and resources;

To be independent with autonomy of mind and appearance, and to implement and maintain a quality control system over independence to monitor the efficacy of such a system on an ongoing basis


Applying internationally acceptable standards

Protecting the clients’ interest, giving it preference after effectively dealing conflict of interest issue and without mitigating international acceptable standards and ethical professional practices.

Maintaining confidentiality of all the sensitive information obtained during professional engagements.

Continuing education and on-the-job-training (OJT) through high quality induction; maintaining and enhancing exceptional level of expertise and knowledge of our staff.

Ensuring continuous growth and enhancement of distinguished client service through innovation and creativity.

Adhering strictly to The Code of Professional Ethics.

Providing professional services maintaining independence, irrespective of the influences that compromise professional judgment, with integrity, objectivity and professional skepticism.